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it is time to get scrambled up. how to you hear? >> happy thanksgiving. >> same to you. here is our word. what is it? ... viag ra. >> stop that. carving. >> there you go. good job, girl. i see all of the turkey and carvings over >> we'll bring you some. have a great show, folks folks starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> i am only one with the turkey songs. >> good morning, it is it thursday november 22 happened. happy thanksgiving, everybody. and just down the street 16 giant balloons ready to take place for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we are live from the parade route straight ahead.
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>> hello, kitty. >> after days of violent conflict, a seize -- cease fire for israel and hamas appears to be holding. we are live on the ground in the israeli-gaza border. >> and a bankruptcy judge moving forward to shut down the company after union talks fail. for the last time, are twinkies really gone forever. >> folks folks begins right now. - fox and friends begins right now. >> we'll use juliet. >> she does the turkey call. >> 16 years of it >> my kids had their first twinkie they said oh, my goodness. we have missed this. and now they don't want the twirchingy to go away.
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>> have they tried the zinger. ngood point. >> sorry son it is going away. it is thanksgiving. many of you are getting up my wife is geth house ready for thanksgiving. >> we have mother-in-law. >> had a thanksgiving emergency. cynthia was late, she was really on time. delayed a bit because she had a fire in her oven. she had to call the police and fire department. >> and they - on yeah. >> she put the turkey on before work and boom, the stove goes up. >> it was not like she was going. here i am going to work. here's the turkey. nthis happens. nthere is a lot of issues that come up on this day and that's why we are here for you. prospect of preparing your thanksgiving turkey is worrying you. forenot. we have experts.
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she has a business card that said that. nicole jobs is here to answer your questions. hi, nicole. better to span the gamit from the ridiculous to the fairly benign. are there ridiculous questions that come your way? nwe see over 12,000 phone calls on thanksgiving day. we are busy talking turk i. the number one question. how do i thaw my turkey. today being thanksgiving. you don't want to opt for the refrigation method. if you are calling today and forgot to start the thawing. out for the cold water bath takes half an hour per pound. it takes six hours for a 12 pound. >> you better wake up right now and start thawing that bad boy.
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nand manage else i will am not familiar with the term. tinting? -- tenting? >> don't overbrown. after the turkey has cocked two-thivereds through the cooking process. take your piece of foil about the size of a notebook and you go ahead and tent or shield that breast area and that will help from the breast to overbrowning. >> you don't have to put oil on it. nwe do recommend and that's one of the advantages of the butter ball. it is prebasted for you. but as far as the prep work. go ahead and take your vegetable oil like this and brush the skin. just give it a nice coat of vegetable oil. nbe very gent will. >> i try.
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it is a paper back. how do you. >> that is the all sorts was phone calls and yes, i have had that phone call. we don't recommend a brown bag. it is hazardous in the oven. >> paper next to the burner. >> it is it delicious. nbrandy what are you doing? i cocked the pizza in a box and it was fire central. >> it is it a gas stove. >> we'll have many more questions than answers. and nicole will be fielding them for you. friends at fox e-mail them. >> and why don't you put butter ball in the subject line so we sort those out. >> thank you.
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>> and last night 16 this morning balloons will fly high to mark the macy's thanksgiving day parade. we have a front row ticket. rick, how does it look living on the upper west side. and the night before it is a huge event and last night they blew up the balloons and this year there are three new balloons. and they retire and bring a new ones out. miss kitty is one of the new ones and you can so miss kitty under the netting. they blow them up and keep themurped control ask then they will tats and people will n to carry them. the big thing with the parades. how highway can they fly. if it is windy they have them high. there is no wind at all.
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and so the balloons will be flying high this year. and a big change, the parade rout. normal low it has gone down broad way. mayor bloom bloom put in the bike lanes. now it is going down sixth avenue. they know that goes right by the fox studio. it is it a bigger street and more poem can get in there. and three million people expected to be lining the streets this week to watch the parade. we'll talk about the weather. so many people need to figure out if they could get home. we couldn't have had a better weather day yesterday and today. northeast, spectacular. temperatures in the 50s and sunshine and southeast. tons was sunshine. we'll see rain in parts of oklahoma, and arkansas and missouri. that is light showers and nothing to cause problems and in the northern plains. that's where we will see the snow flying by this afternoon.
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it is warm and a cold storm moving in and temps today are a shocker compared to where you are for yesterday. and by tomorrow, temperatures drop in the chicago area. enjoy the stereo62 in chicago. much dryer out west and we'll see nice temps as well. if you are one of those poem and i know so many are want to get out and do the friday shopping. here's the forecast and looking great the cold front is diving down through the plains not a lot of moisture with it and it will be much colder tomorrow kansas city getting to 41 and bis mark at 26 much warmer in parts of the southwest. coming up this morning, great guests and tracat kins is here and bunch of a different bands and colby and fabulous five.
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fab five, women's gymastics team. >> and can you get michaela maronny face. that you are impressed? >> absolutely. >> we'll so how she about that one. >> head lines now. fox news alert the cease fire between israel and hamas appears to be holding. how long will it last? leland viter is live from the ground this morning, leland. >> good morning, juliana, all is quiet on the south other than front. this use to be the last stop for israeli soldiers as they are heading down south. and now it is one of the stops as people head back north. soldiers now walking back in and having a different walk to them as they did before. smoking cigarettes and telling jokes knowing they are going
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home than war. southern israel streets are normal. there is a million people who live within range of the rockets. more than a thousand rockets fired in the past nine days and many of them are returning home. they had fled north because it was not safe to be down in southern israel. in gaza hamas held press conferences and mass celebration saying they had won and deterred the israeli military from pushing inside gaza with a massive ground invasion and the other thing happening inside of gaza mass rebuilding effort because the israelies leveled 1500 separate targets and many hamas command and control and much of the military arsenil. and politicians went on tv and declared victory. we have stopped the rockets
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and this agreement was signed not only endorsed by israel and hamas and islamic jihad and egypt brokered it and took the major credit and endorsed by the united states. it is a feeling that we'll not just have a cease fire but a calm that lasts a couple of years and allowing life to return back to normal in southern israel. they will have to wait to see if the air raid sirens go off. >> i am skeptical. >> i think everybody is skeptical. >> how could you not be. >> it is a couple of months it may last. >> and u.s. ambassador susan rice is speaking out about the benghazi terrorist attack that left four americans dead and defeppeding her comments. >> when discussing the attacks against our benghazi i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was prelimary and that investigations would give
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definitive answers. >> back up to the weeks after num num you may remember rice went on the sunday talk shows and said it was spontanous and result over the anti-muslim mim. mccane is critizing her. and rice said his comments are unfounded. >> police in new york city arresting and charging a salesman. they grilled him 24 hours before he cracked and confessed. cops believe that he knew all three of the victims. they found this gun in the bag which he kept in his girl friend's apartment. bankruptcy judge giving hostess the green light to shut down and sell off the brown including the twinkie and zingers. the ruling comes between the talks between the union and
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company. we are hoping that it would not happen. the judge was sympathetic to hostess because they felt like the unions were running it with the cycle without medication. >> someone will snap up the brand. >> let's hope so. >> say goodbye to the ho-hos. look at this house. literally torn in half by monster storm sandy. the couple will join us with how much they have to be thankful for and that is the iconic house of the storm. >> absolutely. and want to take that thanksgiving dinner home with you? make it sure it is it tsa approve would. left over dos and don'ts and so you can fly with that pumpkin pie. >> they told me i couldn't bring a banana. >> it is it a weapon? [ male announcer ] when these come together,
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and everyone likes 50% more... [ midwestern/chicago accent ] cheddar! yeah! 50 percent more [yodeling] yodel-ay-ee-oo. 50% more flash. [ southern accent ] 50 percent more taters. that's where tots come from. [ male announcer ] the capital one cash rewards card gives you 1% cash back on every purchase plus a 50% annual bonus on the cash you earn. it's the card for people who like more cash. 50% more spy stuff. what's in your wallet? this car is too small. >> welcome back. it looks like something out of end of days movie. but the couple who lived in the home six months, it is it a harsh realit yei am watching them. it is a stark reminder of
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everything they have lost. they moved in the home in union beach just six months ago. >> six months. >> they tell us how they are coping with everything and all of the attention. that home is an iconic image if you will of what hurricane sandy actually did to neighborhoods in the jers yenew york coast line. we see the before and after picture. and initially, i understand when all of the favers started coming over and saw the cover of news week. you were annoyed by that. >> with all of the attention and everything. people taking pictures. it is it an picture and hard to believe the house is still standing. but at the same time that was our home and we lived there and all of our possessions were in there and just to see it over and over again, it is every time it hits us in the face like a reminder that all
3:18 am
of our stuff is gone. >> i saw you watching the images and what is going through your heart and soul as you are sea seeing the home chop indeed half. >> it bothers me a little bit, when we got there the first day, it was unbelievable to see the side of your house ripped off and all of your belongings gone and nothing was >> had you heard anything from your neighbors before you had seen it yourself . >> we heard nothing. we could see in the house and we pulled up and i didn't see it straight toward. i saw the house missing and we were able to see pictures of it straight forward it was like that is our house and then it started appearing everywhere on the internet and on blogs. nhad your feelings changed with the resentment or annoyance that it was like i
3:19 am
freak show, has that changed at all? >> a little bit. when i hear from people in town, how like the picture of the house has gotten word out about union >> 200 homes. >> and these were homes people lived in year round and not just sum are homes. it brought more volunteers or more aid that we wouldn't have gotten before to the town. that is helpful knows that we are like our home is like a symbol. >> it was built in 185 with stood the of storms and the 1938 hurricane and hurricane sandy did it i hope you have a place to live now? >> yes, we are staying in a one bed room apartment it is tough replacing and we are in a hold a bit. but fema and friend families are helping us out. >> best of the luck to you.
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>> quick head lines. toyota recalling sacomma because the spare tire can
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fall off. the plate used to hold the tire can rust or break after exposure to road salt. thousands of walmart workers getting ready for black friday walk out. some california workers started picketing today. the union backed workers want walmart from trying to deter them from speaking out for better pay and benefits. that ought to help the sanity of black friday. >> and why not go in the base pro tap. and that starts today. and jennifer and luke snider join us live this morning. they are newly wells. with black friday coming up. bass pro shop is over.
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they are camps out. nthey have santa wond are land. come out and get a free picture with santa. >> starting off with great deals you have here. my son would flip out and anything truck related or toy related. this is a four-f150 monster replica, right? >> i think i want one of these for myself. it comes with the remote control rechargeable battery and on black friday you will save 20 bucks on this. >> normally 49.nen. and the light combo. led lights also and certainly when we went through the emergencies. great stocking stuffer. because i went through hurricane sandy and needed a flashlight and if i had this i would have been fine? >> absolutely. they come in packs of six and
3:26 am
8.95 and perfect for a larger family. >> you imagine if i shine it in your eye, chris. >> can't do that. >> my son loves these. >> click them on and off perfect for stocking stuffers. 8.97. >> and batteries included so when kids tear open to it they can play with it. >> kevin van dam, a great fisherman and a great reel set to pick up on sale this holiday. >> this is the kevin van dam signature serows real. top quality and this is great for the fishermen. and everyone has one. you will get it for 75 dollars and it is it a heck of a dole. >> we'll talk about clothes. men and ladies youth and sweat shirts there. and one of the ones you are wearing here. nonly 10 bucks. you can't beat that. and other great clothing over
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here and normally a little more than that. >> no usually we go great prices. but black friday we do great special deals. if i have-day sale all the way through sunday. plenty of time if you don't want to get up in the crack of down. including ladies thermal crews and come in 7 color they are only 10 dollars off. >> not awn can you buy those. nclassic or mod other than fit. >> only 10 bucks and 10 are hunting for the fishing rods and everything else. we have the ladies covered. >> you have a lot of great gifts you are talk being from bass pro shop. the store is massive. you can spind five days in there really and spend the entire sales days and thank you, guys. >> you bet and guns and ammo and clothes. nand food and clothes and toys whampt better things can you
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find there. >> thanks, guys. >> you want to take the thanksgiving dinner back on the plane with you and not sure what you can and can't bring on board? tsa approved items. we'll take you back to them live to the macy's day prepation parade and cool new way to get in on the action and the app that lets you hold the balloons on the thanksgiving day parade happy birthday to the loavely scarlet johanson. and she is loavely to look at. she's 28. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp.
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>> you really can do a nice turkey call . ndo it. and that is it. >> that is zy zy here on fox sport net. nand i know dave's child hood dream is to hold one of the thanksgiving day balloons. he told me one of the big dreams in life was a snoopy. >> my life so far is a failure. nand now everyone at home can do it from the comfort of the couch. an android and ipad. you can down load macy's thanksgiving day app. it is free and kids are going to love this. i down loaded it and it has elfo-matic and you can track the parade. and launch the elf-omatic and pick which outfit you want to wear. sexy pirate. and you down load poodle skirt
3:33 am
and make your own balloon of yourself. i will make one of dave here. ni am wearing the poodle skirt. that's the one i want and i hit next and all you do is hit the camera on the device. and use the reverse camera and shoot in on dave there. >> there you go. now, we'll center in on his face. >> it is it a balloon. >> that is it a large head. so you -- and then you have to inflate the balloon. you have to blow it in blow in the micro. it blows up and there you go. and now, you can blow up my chin. noh, it crashed. you move it down the street
3:34 am
and it is built with dave's face on it >> we'll do another one. you are an elf. you can do that to get a shot. and you can do that on the left side. macy's thanksgiving parade and works on the ipad. nwe love to talk about the parade. and 86th annual macy's thank tharching parade. and ther there with all of the highlights. we want people to send us. we want our viewer to cent us their balloons to make the apps. e-mail them to us and post them on rick's facebook page if you want. >> you can. it is a california thing. i can't believe what they coming up with. creative director of the
3:35 am
parade. this is it my 75th year to do wind you up and say go. we have so many things for the brand new parade 2012 and six brand new floats and we are on top turkey which is one of the oldest floats and new floats this year. gold fish from pepperridge farm are putting on their own parade. they have their own stilt walk yer float and balloon on this float that we created and you zero in on everything. and it is all big are than life. we have a giant guitar. les paul guitar with gibson guitars and music is our life. jimmy fallon and the roots are performing on that and they are going to rock it. >> it is your personality. and tell me this, it is it the parade rout that is different this year. and going on sixth avenue and what does that get for the
3:36 am
parade. >> we'll call it sixth avenue and you look at the street sign, we call it the avenue of americas. and that is the telling thing. america's parade is going down the avenue of americas to herald square. i think we ought to keep it that way. we are excited about that and there is it a wide boulevard and side walk space and more people can view the parade and it is it one long vista. and all of the balloons and hello kitty and papa smurf and elf and all in line with the floats and bands from all over the country. it is going to be a parade in a moment and moment of parade all going on and on and on all morning until it is time to eat turkey. >>ip am sold. i was not convinced until right now about sixth avenue. people think you put it on quickly. how quickly will you have your
3:37 am
meeting from next year. >> twos ago. >> really? >> we are starting on 2013. macy's never stops working on the parade and it is it a huge collabative effort. the parade began with volunteers from macy's putting on a parade for family and friends we have employees coming down from maine and maryland from macy's stores and on bus to get here to do the parade and get back on the buss and go back and opening the doors for folks who want to shop on black friday. we'll know ready for them and parade from the volunteers and shopping, it is it a great day. >> you do an amazing job. three million people lining the streets and once a parade done, the streets are cleaned within like 30 minutes. you do an amazing job putting the parade on.
3:38 am
>> happy thanksgiving. >> thank you. nand guys back to you. >> that is great to do that. and now only do the pot holes that quickly. >> you see all of the people parked outside of best buy and businesses and tents. >> and bunson burners. trading in taker for great deals just for that coveted royal of being first in line for the black friday doorbusters. robert moses, my buddy is outside of a walmart in sea caucus new jersey. people say sea caucus. and he has a look at the people out there and where they are heading. are there crazy people sitting out in tents. please tell me there are tents? >> not yet. julia and dave and clayton no crazy people out here but trust me they will be here in due season. it used to be that you waited until black friday to get the deals that. is no more.
3:39 am
trip to fan is kicking in and go out to the shop to get the good deals it is black freed creep. we'll look at the stores opening up k-marted at six o'clock a.m. retailers opening at eight. walmart and sears and target will be opening on thanksgiving. they will open at nine o'clock tonight. as you can imagine, opening on thanksgiving is controversial business. workers say we don't have time to spend with our families and ther upset they have to work. be that as it may. these stores will be open today. if you plan to patruonize walmart you might encounter protest. there are protests planned including the one where we are all over the country. workers want better working conditions and wages. if you are heading out to walmart. you might get protestors, too.
3:40 am
walmart tried to stop the protest from going forward but it appears they will go forward. that is it the latest from sea calkist. >> i am thankful for all three of you. nsure you are. >> standing out in the cold in morning. thank you, good job. >> nicest guy on the planet. he's like my little brother. >> i thought that was me. nand i know. >> it is it interesting. if you want your store to give you better working conditions and better stalries and what better way than to hurt their bottom line on the biggest day of the year. and send a message that we are with you. we are all in this. there is no i i in team. nvery profound and very deem. >> geth to the other store storse. new information about the secret burial of sam sam. osama bin ladin.
3:41 am
detailing the funeral from the ship. uss carl vin cent. it was wash place indeed a white and put in a weighted bag and a military officer read prepared religious remarks translated in arabig. and bin laden's compound was raided in may 2011. did general petraeus' staff give top secret information to the woman he had an affair with? they believe paula broadwell was classified documents by aides at the qualify petraeus. both broadwell and petraeus denied those claims. shoppers be wear that something or machine is spying on you. oh, we are talking about this
3:42 am
mannequin. it uses facial recognition software to identify your age and gender and race and figure out how many people enter into a store and how long they shop for. it is in retailers trade show. many say it is an invasion of privacy. nyou are in a public place and you walk in. >> tell us how you feel. >> seriously. you got to know when you are outside of your house there is cameras. especially if you are in the big city. >> just off camera, i think they are going to see you. good news for juliet. nice plate of turkey. >> you do the tease. >> i am talk out. ncoming up. don't let your defense put water over your lawyers head? revealing the biggest turkey of 2012.
3:43 am
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>> israel and hamas have been locked in a sphat of atax that took the lives of over 14 palestinians and five israelies reach a cease agreement a day after a bus bomb blasts in tel-aviv. what are the chances was a lasting piece here. john belton joins us. >> happy thanksgiving. >> glad to be with you. >> i am skeptical about how long this thing will last? what do you think? >> it is a general and vague agreement and a cease fire. the two sides will stop shooting. but the over all strat edgic situation has not changed and the out come of the conflict beneficial to hamas and beneficial to iran and not so
3:47 am
beneficial to israel although prime minister netanyahu may have gotten political advantage out of it. but it postpones the larger conflict which remains the weapon's program and larger threat of the general deteration of security in the region. >> how central was iran to the conflict in israel and gaza? >> the key point is not necessarily the 1500 rockets that hamas launched but the handful of longer range rockets that hit near tel-aviv and jerusalem and so called fodger 5 supplied by iran. iran's objective to show that it can hit civilian targets by firing from the gaza strip and reach civilian targets through hesbollah and lebanon and
3:48 am
putting israel at risk if after the election in november iran goes after the iran. >> i am tad skeptical of hillary clinton's role. if it is a pitcher goes 7 knowings and shut down work and closer comes in and gets one run of support and gets credit for the win. is she getting too much credit for something must have been hammered before she arrived there? >> it was largely hammered out before she arrived. it may be president obama who gets more credit here. i think he pressured both egyptian morsi and israeli netanyahu to come to this deal. because i think he was afraid that the conflict would expand and that is where netanyahu gets political advantage. he has to recognize militarily it is fot a good out come for israel and he doesn't believe it will last. but he will say to president
3:49 am
obama, when you wanted a cease fire i agreed to it that gives him chips visa vito the president down the road. and egypt stopping the smuggling of arm to hamas. happy thanksgiving to you, sir. >> coming up next, top economic turkeys of the year. lauren is on deck from the box business net work. companies that made the list. >> plus if you could pick anyone to sit at your thank tharching table, who would you choose? america spoke and the dream dinner guest revealed and it is not me. top of the hour. is it better to be the early bird...or the earliest bird?
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on black friday, it doesn't matter, as long as we end up here at 5 a.m., or at, starting thursday. where prices have been cut, chopped, and sanded... on the most powerful tools that cut. ...chop... ...and sand. so we, or somebody on our list, can do the same. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. the early bird gets a special buy on a ryobi two-piece lithium-ion kit, just $99. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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>> welcome back. quick head lines for you. he sold me out that's what a man shouted before he poured a cup of water. he pulled the stunt in front of the judge and jurors. power was found guilty of killing his neighbor. thieves don't want to steal your toyota prius. only a few have been stolen according to the national insurance crime bureau. thieves can't sell the parts specifically made for prius. >> and thieves don't care about saving money on gas. >> thieves don't care about the environment. >> i know you have eat know a
3:54 am
half plate of turkey. not the bird but the companies. the kinds that look like bird brains. >> we'll go to business net work laurence. and we'll have the stop economic. >> and i think in the tech world it was one that made a lot of waives this year. back facebook why? >> since november 9th. for the past few weeks. facebook is doing well by the end of this year, you can take them off of the turkey list. with all of the lock up periods expire not proving to wall street they know how to make money and down i think they are a turkey. >> they launched a couple's page and at a can create their own page and everybody laugh mocked it. you are creating a couple's page. >> wow. i sent out my first facebook
3:55 am
ever. >> not a couple's page. nbut now i know that. nit is a big trouble. and next one. here spirit airlines. you are doing better. let's get the ultralow fare and go to the airport and travel where we are going like we don't need anything with us. if you have a carry on bag that is it bigger than 14 by 16 and want to put it over head that is $100 if you decide at the gate. >> like the price of a ticket. >> you have to book ahead. >> you have to plan what bags you are going to bring and you are up to a $100 at the gate. >> ticket master and also a economic turkey. >> 2.50 for printing your ticket and they will ship it to you for free. but it takes them a long time
3:56 am
to ship it. 10 to 14 days and if you are not. you are printing for 2.50 and this is on the naughty list at consumer reports. >> love the hidden fees. >> jc penny. they don't have sales anymore. >> actually this stock is down 51 percent and one of the worst performers in the s&p. their ceo from apple and been to the cool and sleek and successful retail store and trying to make jc penny hip and it is not working. he's bringing in izod and store concept. but he got rid of sales. when i see the word clearance. i am there. the sign gets me. >> he thought they were confusing customers because there were sales every day. >> number one on the list. we can all agree about
3:57 am
hostess. >> yeah it is hostess and their bakers union. they couldn't get it together and now 18,000 workers hours before thanksgiving loses their jobs and really sad. they were iconic. hostess and dingdong and wonder bread. as of hostess anding that. >> save the twinkie and zinger. >> we are doing it with our app. you can't find a twinkie anywhere. >> and our butter ball turkey expert is answering your thanksgiving day dinner questions. you can send the e-mail to folks and - fox and friends. nicole is standing by. [ thinking ] woer what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relf ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. the bass pro shops 5 day sale starts wednesday
3:58 am
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4:00 am
>> good morning, everybody. it's thursday, november 22. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen carlson. happy thanksgiving to all. check out the giant balloons. ready to take flight fort 86th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. we have a front row seat for the action. we're going to take you out live in a few moments. >> then ambassador susan rice comes down swinging, firing back at republicans over her five-time benghazi fumble. she's got a special message for senator john mccain. >> sure it's lovely thanksgiving message. plus, if you could pick anyone to sit at your thanksgiving table, who would you choose?
4:01 am
>> you, clayton. >> so sweet, dave. america has spoken. we're about to reveal who is sitting under that question mark. my money is on alisyn camerota. hour two starts right now. ♪ >> happy thanksgiving, everybody. check out the floats. juliet huddy can nail the turkey calls, as long as it's spontaneous. she can't do it on the spot. which one is that? there there is bass pro. >> look at the set-up we have. they're going to be making a
4:02 am
full on turkey extravaganza for us today. >> and their five-day sale kicks offment they're doing incredible deals. they're open today. they have great deals. we're going to show you some of the items they have on sale. our thanks to them for being here this morning. >> hello, everybody. >> we love your e-mails. any kohl johnson is here from butter ball. she's your turkey talk line expert. they take more than 20,000 calls today alone trying to help your turkey emergencies today. >> and we've received so many e-mails from our viewers this morning that want some answers. from dave in virginia, he says this: we are having a split holiday. half the family today, half tomorrow. we're cook only one large turkey. how do we reheat the second half tomorrow so it tastes the same? >> you give leftovers on day
4:03 am
two? >> this is a good tip for anyone who doesn't want their left majors to be dried out. go ahead. take that one. >> a common question we get is how do i reheat myovers? i first like to point out leftovers should be refrigerated and eaten within two or three days. from a food safety perspective, make sure you slice that turkey meat off the bone and go ahead and put it in an airtight container in your refrigerator. as far as reheating, go ahead and spoon a little turkey gravy or turkey broth in between the sliced meat and go ahead and reheat it the next day in the oven at about 250 degrees for about ten to 15 minutes. >> in the oven, not a microwave. >> previous it or not, we have instructions for microwave. >> i'm out of there.
4:04 am
>> in a pinch you have that, in the microwave. >> here is another from sherry. i'm using a bag to cook my turkey. that's what we do. where should the vegetables be put? inside it, under the bird, on the side? what veggies should i use? that's a toughy. >> it's another good question. common question we get at the talk line. we tell folks you absolutely can use an oven cooking bag. we adhere to 350 as opposed to 325. as far as the vegetable placement, it's a personal preference. you can put them in the cavity. you can put them in the bag below. there is mangolden ways to go about cooking your turkey. it's not just something you're going to cook in the oven. you can cook it in the oven, but we have directions for in the microwave, electric counter top roaster, deep frying. there are so many ways you can cook your turkey. >> from jim, my wife wants to add green peppers and lemon
4:05 am
wedges to the cavity of the turkey for seasoning as a cook. is this okay? >> absolutely. yeah. that's just fine as well. there are so many different ways you can cook your turkey. so many different recipes that we're introducing now. something i'd like to share that we're pretty proud of. butterball introduced butterball cookbook plus app. you can download this app. there are over 250 recipes, great ways to go ahead and incorporate that leftover turkey. we have some basting tips on there. it's really something pretty cool. we're proud of it this year. >> the ipad has become like an essential thing in the kitchen. >> thanks, keep your e e-mails coming because we've gotten lots of them because she'll be answering them the rest of the show. >> you can also tweet. they're trying answer them. >> it doesn't feel like thanksgiving if you don't have
4:06 am
macy's thanksgiving day parade to see, to watch at home. here in new york, macy's has been putting on the biggest thanksgiving show in the country for the past 86 years, as a matter of fact. rick, you ever a front row, lucky guy. >> he's been there for 50 of those years. from the upper west side, hey, rick. >> hey there. it's kind of true. this is the best seat, absolutely. everything gets condensed into one small spot right where the parade gets going. so you see all of the balloons back here on 77th street. they have them lined up on two different streets here. all the balloons, they blow them up yesterday. we have video from yesterday. they turned that into a big event. 500,000 people come near these couple of blocks. i still live in these couple of blocks. you end up with 500,000 people right here coming to see this. it's crazy. a mad house. we've got a chopper overhead from wnyw. you can see the shots coming right here.
4:07 am
kind of everything getting going. also take a look at the shot we have right by the fox studios on 6th avenue. you can see people there already lining up. there will be about 3 million people lining up to watch this parade. but at this point, all of the balloons and all of the floats are packed in to this tiny area right here on the upper west side. it is a lot of excitement. one of you guys afraid of clowns? >> i am. >> no, i'm not. >> i'm not afraid of them, but i don't find them endearing at all. >> okay. are you? >> no, i'm fine with them. bear in mind, there are hundreds of them that are all right in one spot. if you find them not endearing, you might be panicking. [ laughter ] obviously everybody concerned about the weather for the parade and thanksgiving. take a quick look.
4:08 am
we could not have asked for a better travel weekend. a very nice start to the day in the northeast and temperatures today will be getting into the 50s and 60s with a bunch of shine of the tomorrow is nice. enjoy that because it will get much colder on saturday. towards the southeast, another sunny day. a little rain in the afternoon across parts of missouri. anyway is going to be light. not going to cause problems. yesterday we were very warm in the northern plains. today you're going to get to 56 in minneapolis. that's your early morning temperature. temperatures will be falling into the 20s by tonight and some snow falling. out across the west, finally a break with all of that rain that we've seen. we'll see more sunshine. even in the pacific northwest. and warm in arizona. all right, guys. that's it. i'm waiting for the fab five to get here. the gymnasts. i'm excited about that. >> didn't they rename them and move it from fab five? 'cause that's the michigan team,
4:09 am
chris webber's crew. i'm going to look into that for you. >> do some investigative journalism. >> it would be cool have a renaming. >> i'll check it out. we have to move on. we've been following this. fox news alert now, cease fire between israel and hamas appears to be holding at this hour. that is good news. the agreement halting eight days of intense air strikes, but will it last? leend la vittert live. this morning he's been monitoring this for weeks and leeland, it appears to be holding. what are you seeing and hearing there? >> all is quiet on the southern front, as they say here. the only sounds we have been hearing is the convoys going north away from the gaza border carrying the israeli tanks. armored bulldozers that were here in these very same fields getting ready for a ground invasion and the israeli military said they are deactivating some of their reserve troops they had called up, indicating the israelis have
4:10 am
great confidence in this deal that has been made. israeli civilians also seem to be having a great deal of confidence in this. once again, moving back into the communities that were in the line of fire. for the past eight days, we've been at the shopping center. it was deserted. now you can barely find a place to park as israelis begin to try and put their lives back together with a cease fire and return to some sense of normalcy. >> we want to be at home. we want to start again. they need to go to school and kindergarten. >> we can go out and do whatever we want. >> of course i feel better. i haven't left the house in two weeks. i feel better, but still. >> any minute the alarm can go on. >> now, in the gaza strip, hamas and islamic jihad claim victory. mass celebrations in the streets. they are by hamas.
4:11 am
they have a major clean-up operation that they need to take care of as the israelis leveled about 1500 separate targets, many of those part of hamas' military organization, but also a number of large buildings, including the local banks. so they'll have to start cleaning that up as well. going forward, here is what the watch court over the next 24 to 36 hours will see the military demobilize. there is a chance both sides have talked about that you're going to have one or two errant rockets. either side, though, that tends to not destroy the cease fire, but so far as our chief who watched a number of these cease fires said, it's surprisingly quiet. it appears the united states and egypt put a lot of pressure on both sides to make this deal work from the very beginning. back to you in new york. >> thank you. egypt, essential in all this. they need to stop smuggling arms to the folks, to the hamas, from
4:12 am
iran. >> but a big moment for president morsi who stepped up. >> it was a big moment. >> shocked a lot of people. >> critics there are still upset with him because they feel we've got a lot of problems here, high unemployment, other issues going on and he's in the spotlight making big splash internationally. all righty, coming up, what did the f.b.i. find inside paula broadwell's home? was she really storing state secrets? there is a huge update to this story. >> it's that time again. michelle malkin counting down her top political turkeys of the year. i'm sure she doesn't have much to talk about this election year. >> she doesn't hold back, does she? >> no i on a
4:13 am
lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:15 am
>> welcome back. happy thanksgiving, everybody. we've had an election season full of highs and lows and an honor of thanksgiving, fox news contributor, michelle malkin is counting down her top political turkeys of the year. she joins us from colorado springs. happy thanksgiving, michelle. >> you, too. to all of you, thank you. >> i was surprised, susan rice
4:16 am
didn't make the list? erfurt did candiy controlly. number three, who do you got? >> liberal media, which candy controlly is part of. i'm sure that will offend somebody. the performance i think not only of candy, but all of the debate moderators who acted as tag team members for obama, i think it just sort of reflected an entire ethos of the washington media who saw themselves and acted more like lap dogs than they did as real journalists throughout the campaign. and i think the white washing of this administration's scandals has had accumulative effect in blinding the american electorate. i think it in large part, it's the liberal media that played a huge role and had a lot of leverage in determining what the final results of the election were. >> it would have been interesting to see univision
4:17 am
debate, wouldn't it have been? because we've got some of the most revealing questions, right? >> about fast and furious, absolutely. >> that was fantastic. >> turkey number two, big labor. >> well, sure. they've delivered a huge happy strikes giving, unhappy strikes giving which of course will continue into tomorrow and black friday. but dial back earlier in the year, everything from the chicago teacher strike, which left hundreds of thousands of students bereft and families in dire straits while they protested some very necessary cuts and reforms to public employee pensions, to the seiu, u, w, international long shoremens association which has been cook up a port strike that even before it's actually gone into effect, has already affected shipping decisions and retailer decisions. bottom line, of course, is that all of these actions have helped
4:18 am
solidify political power. but at the expense -- not only of the economy, but, of course, their own rank and file workers, welfare. >> we have a little montage of someone who made number one on your turkey list. let's play that sound and you can explain who we're looking at. >> you do know that we don't have anything to do with priorities usa, that by law we're not allowed to coordinate with them and by law, we don't have anything to do with their ads. >> we're not blaming our predecessor by any means. but we don't think we should return to the same policies that crashed the economy. >> i was asked why it became such a political circus and who was the first person to respond to the libya attacks? mitt romney. and mitt romney was criticized for that response because it was political. >> there are a bunch of different points in that one. stephanie cutter. >> yeah, that's right. she will make it a lot easier for me to mash my potatoes today 'cause all i have to do is think about the incessant lies she
4:19 am
told during this campaign season. she is the answer to the question, how low can you go in a campaign season? and i think -- there was a very competitive year this year for political turkeys. but she, of course, vaulted to the top of the list. >> some of the things we saw in there, the priorities usa, remember the ad saying that mitt romney killed my mom. >> yep. >> my wife, i think it was. killed my wife. >> michelle malkin, always good to see you. you definitely do not pull any punches and i like that. >> happy thanksgiving. >> take care, guys. >> e-mail us and tweet us your top political turkey of the year. up next, what does thanksgiving mean to you? peter johnson, jr. here with a special message that might make you think twice. >> plus, if you could pick anybody, anybody at all to sit at your thanksgiving table.
4:20 am
>> peyton manning. >> we'll reveal who is under the question mark. clayton, what do you think? >> the biebs. i'm going with the biebs. >> the biebs! >> he wouldn't eat a lot [ male announcer ] with over 50 delicious choices of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking.
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4:23 am
>> welcome back. time for your news by the numbers. the thanksgiving edition. first, 254 million. that's how many turkeys were raised this year across the u.s. 46 million alone coming from minnesota. the top turkey producing state in the country, i'll have you know. next, 100 million. that's how many pounds of pumpkins are produced each year in the states of california, ohio and pennsylvania. finally, number one, tim tebow.
4:24 am
the dream thanksgiving dinner guest for most americans. other favorites, big bird and lady gaga. ♪ >> big bird would be offended looking across at his friends. now to this, for many of us, the macy's thanksgiving day parade brings back memories of the movie "miracle on 34th street," to make you feel like you're a kid again with christmas just around the corner. peter johnson, jr. is live at the parade with who he's thanking this year. good morning, peter. >> i always thank you, clayton. i've been coming to this parade on and off for the last 50 years. you may have gone to your own parade in places like detroit, philadelphia or chicago or houston or seattle. for me, my wife and daughters,
4:25 am
this is thanksgiving. i remember cold mornings on 34th street, with my mother and father as we waited for bullwinkle and underdog and smoky the bear as they floated in downtown. my daughters, my wife, 40 years later issues awaited sponge bob and arthur. remember arthur? each year we relive the excitement, the balloons flying as high as our dreams, the characters alive and dancing in the wind, the longing for the thanksgiving meal, i can't wait. the warm strong hand of our loved one felt even through the thickest mittens. the appreciation for a time, a meal a date, the gratitude for a life spent together. the prayer that unites us, the glance, the hug, the reunion of family and friends, the intersection of time past and times to come.
4:26 am
our forefathers thanked god for the gift of the harvest and sought blessings for the winter ahead. we give things, too, for wounded warriors and faithful spouses, for courageous cops and fearless firefighters, but most of all for ordinary heros who overcome the perils of modern life and help keep our families together. we thank god in each other for the quiet supermen and women who teach our children, who take care of our youngest and oldest, who cook our food, who pick our crops, who minister to our souls. they star in the most successful reality show ever, ever on the air. american life. inspired by the book, some of us attend service on this day and sing "now thank we all our god with hearts and hands and voices," and some of us line the parade rights of america or sit in our living room and stare at the balloons and laugh at the clowns and tap our feet to the show tunes, and give thanks for
4:27 am
the day together. in giving thanks for the past, we look forward to our future with gratitude and with a smile. we discover again that a second helping, a hand outstretched, a thank you for the smallest pleasures can really make us feel very good. so i will enjoy this parade with veronica and i'll miss blanch who is away and i hope you do, too. so whether this parade or we're calling one you saw when you were six years old, have an incredible day. we don't get o say often enough, but mean it. thanks for watching us on "fox & friends." i hope that makes you feel as good hearing it as we feel saying it. i know clayton feels that way. happy thanksgiving to you and your beautiful family, clayton. >> thank you. >> and dave and ainsley. god bless you. >> thank you so much, peter. and happy thanksgiving to you. the best dressed man at the parade this year. [ laughter ] >> i'd be wearing sweat pants. >> aside from the clowns. thanks.
4:28 am
coming up, this soldier made it home just in time for thanksgiving. but it's what happens next that this couple is truly thankful for. you don't want to miss that. plus, fishing for bargains this black friday. bass pro kick off their biggest sale of the year. we're unveiling the hottest deals coming up next [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. try this... bayer?
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4:31 am
by the end of th, our fifth year, our total can reach almost 25 million dollars. it's a nice reflection on us all. now through january 2nd. >> welcome back. it's been an american thanksgiving tradition for 86 years. the macy's thanksgiving day parade. rick live on new york city's
4:32 am
upper west side in just a couple of minutes working on a special guest. we understand he's trying to track down kobe callet, the singer. we're going to turn to bass pro shops and what they're doing. it's also a thanksgiving tradition, especially here. luke snyder, professional bull rider here this motorcycle. good to see you. >> thanks for having me and happy thanksgiving. >> great sales. always stuff to do for kids while mom and dad shop. >> i want to let everyone know that bass pro shop is open today and there is a free santa's wonderland that has activities and kids can get a free picture with santa. it's absolutely fun for the whole family. >> there is crafts and there is games and shooting arcades for the kids. but some of the products are what you need to get in for. let's start with the jeans. ten? is that right? that must be a black friday special. >> you're right. ten bucks, you're not going to find a better deal. redhead makes a tough pair, but these are amazingly comfortable.
4:33 am
>> ten bucks. >> how many guys wish their wives would save money? also the fleece right here, always a good move around the holidays. >> absolutely. the fleece comes in men, ladies and children's sizes. we have a variety of colors. ten dollars. >> the only thing more surprising than the jeans is that, ten bucks for a fleece jacket. get in there. another black friday special. now, this clock looks pretty ordinary when you look at it. luke, tell me why it's not your average clock. >> i tell you what, it's great clock, solid wood, got quarts clock movement. it's a concealment clock. you can keep important documents and a hand gun, which they sell at bass pro. they have a passport, extra cash, and you get all this for under $30. >> i don't know that i would recommend the hand gun myself. have a lock on the concealment clock? >> yeah. we can get a lock put on it for you. >> good. be a good idea. all right. how about the ammo box here?
4:34 am
>> right. this is official. this is exactly what men and women use serving overseas. this is official g.i. obviously you can hear it right here. and you can put anything you want in here. obviously we have made a survival kit out here. this is perfect for the trunk of your car, your garage. it just comes in handy for that -- something that comes up that you may not see. >> that's easy to lock. and another deal at ten bucks. the third thing on this table for ten bucks. for the kids, i can manual kids would love this thing. >> right. it's got three light-up dash buttons, they talk to you. this is perfect for the already little outdoorsman that loves adventure. he can hop on this and ride around the living room. we're going to give you 40% off. it's only 29.97. >> wow, that's incredible. ages one to three for the camo atv. finally the smoker. another great deal this thanksgiving day weekend. >> this is one of the most
4:35 am
popular items last year. we sold out of this item nationwide in under 30 minutes. but this is a brand-new model. one of the coolest features, this is remote control. duke this anywhere in the house. you can be entertaining guests. you can control the inside temperature of the smoker and the meat all at the same time. >> you're kidding? so that -- you hear about smoking a turkey and the oven. >> on black friday, we're going to give you 150 bucks off this. you got to get there early. >> 150 bucks. i know the campout is one of the best things to do at bass pro shops. they make it easy on you, bring out some smores. so it's always good fun. luke, we'll have more deals later on. luke snide prosecutor the professional bull riders association, back to you guys. what's coming up? >> good stuff. >> let's do some headlines. susan rice speaking out for the first time about the benghazi terrorist attack that left four americans dead and she's defending her comments. >> when discussing the attacks against our facilities in benghazi, i relied solely and
4:36 am
squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary and that our investigations would give us the definitive answers. >> you recall, went on the sunday talk shows days after the attack and said it was, quote, spontaneous and a result of protests over an anti-muslim film. u.s. senator john mccain is criticized her for that. now rice is firing back, saying his comments are unfounded and she looks forward to talking with him. did general petraeus' staff give top secret information to the woman he had an affair with? that's what federal investigators now want to know. they believe paula broadwell was given classified documents by aides and other high ranking military officials at the request of petraeus. both broadwell and petraeus denied those claims. cranberry sauce, a threat to the skies? apparently so. if you work for the tsa. the administration not letting flyers on the plane with all
4:37 am
those thanksgiving leftovers. here are some of the items lefted as potential threats, in addition to the cranberry sauce. >> salsa? >> gravy, disturbing jellies, dangerous salsa. all of those items have to be checked into luggage. turkey pies and cakes -- turkey, pies and cakes are allowed to be carried on. but they could be subject to extra screening. so if i were you, i don't know. wait 'til you get to your destination. >> don't bring food on the plane. >> your turkey has to go through that back scanner. see that naked turkey up there. a heart warming homecoming for a soldier and his girlfriend here it is. private first class james and his girlfriend, samantha, were reunited yesterday in phoenix. he was stationed in afghanistan. if that's not enough to make you
4:38 am
smile, what happened next surely will. watch this. >> will you marry me? >> yes. >> all right! >> he got down on one knee and popped the question and asked in sign language since she's learning to be a sign language interpreter. the couple plans on getting married in december. >> look at that! >> that's pretty cool. >> how cute is that? >> that's like love actually, where they both learn each other's languages when don't know about it. >> where did he get the ring? overseas? >> he probably called jared's. >> too many questions. well played. >> it's been an american thanksgiving tradition for 86 years. the macy's thanksgiving day parade. rick reichmuth live on the upper west side at the start of this year's magical march. 50 million people always watch this thing and you're going to show us the highlights. >> i know. it's such a great event. one of the big things that happens is celebrities come and get on these floats.
4:39 am
kobe kelly, welcome to new york. >> thank you so much. >> you're a southern california girl. >> i am. so right now i'm completely bundled up. it's not too bad, but i'm cold. >> it's not that bad. as a kid, did you watch this parade on tv? >> yes, every year. it's amazing that i get to be on a float now and wave to people for a couple hours and sing one of my christmas songs. i'm really looking forward to it. >> i heard you maybe didn't want to do this because it meant you might not be home for thanksgiving. >> yeah. usually people would be excited for the opportunity, but when they offered it, i was like, but my family, i want to be with my family. but my parents and everyone, they decided we're going to do thanksgiving tomorrow. so i was like okay, good. i get to do both. >> so it's a big deal in your family. >> it's a big deal, yeah. family is the most important thing to me and my friends. so i travel a lot and i'm excited i get to be home with them and spend the amazing day together. >> what on this day is the one thing that you're especially thankful for? >> my family and my friends.
4:40 am
>> what float are you on and you're singing a song? >> mortgageon salt and i'm singing "christmas in the sand" off my new christmas album that just came out. >> is this your first christmas album? are awe christmas fan? >> yeah. it's my first christmas album. my dad produced it. i have amazing duets on it with gavin degraw and brad pacely. i wrote some songs for the record and there is like 15 songs, ten standards and i had a really good time recording and writing it. >> would you be able to eat today anywhere? >> i just ate a sandwich at starbucks real quick and otherwise, no. we get off the float and i get on a plane and go back. >> oh, my gosh. i'm sad. a starbucks sandwich on thanksgiving morning. >> it's okay. i'm going to eat amazing -- a lot of food tomorrow. >> thanks so much for joining us. have a great time. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> guys, back to you. >> i love we both have her on our ipods. >> she has such a beautiful voice. >> it is a great voice.
4:41 am
>> look how brave she is standing in front of all those clowns. >> coming up, take a look. you know this is the traditional nativity scene, right? take a look at that. the pope says this is all wrong. huh? >> then he's duane wade's personal chef, but this morning he is all yours, people. we're taking you inside richard ingram's own kitchen with the turkey tip he usually only share ises with celebrities. he's got the family there. >> we're in his house? >> be right there begin. tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp.
4:42 am
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4:45 am
this turkey has been spotted around a wisconsin town running alongside bikers, walking down highways, wildlife experts say they've never seen anything like this. if you see this turkey, please call authorities and and they'll put it on your thanksgiving day dinner. juliet? >> i have a feeling we're not going to be seeing that turkey around this time of year much longer. all right. he cooks up meals for nba superstar duane wade. even teamed up with the first lady, michelle obama, for let's move. but now celebrity chef richard ingram is partnering with wal-mart to deliver tips for your turkey day and joining us live from his mom's kitchen with some advice on how to serve up the perfect thanksgiving meal. just before that, i want to let everybody know there is a little delay, so don't freak out. he's not ignoring me and i'm not ignoring him. good to see you, sir. >> it's wonderful to see you. good morning. >> good morning. so we've got a personal menu,
4:46 am
list of things that you have for your thanksgiving meal. what are some of the things that might be a little unusual? you're down there in miami, is that right? >> definitely. i'm here in miami in my parents' home with all of my children. r.j., evan, nazi, kwame, my mother, and my wonderful wife, stacy. >> and what are you guys cooking up today? >> we're doing fried turkey today. i have a rib eye roast that i've marinated, candy yams. my mother did a wonderful rum cake. my boys are pointing to the red velvet cupcakes we'll be icing. we have a lot of good things. i wish you were here to smell it. >> believe me, i wish i was there, too. i'm a miami girl. maybe i can catch the knicks flight out. we'll see. let's get into some of the problems that people have when they're trying to get ready for
4:47 am
a wonderful thanksgiving dinner. a lot of times we go to the store and think we have everything. we come home and forget things. like for instance, buttermilk. what happens if we're missing buttermilk? >> yeah. that is a major problem. especially if you are making red velvet cupcakes and don't have buttermilk. you can take one cup of whole milk and one tablespoon of white vinegar, makes it together and there you are, your home made buttermilk. >> and what happens about this light brown sugar? a lot of folks, we got the regular brown sugar, but need the light. a lot of recipes call for that. what do we need to do? >> to create your own light brown sugar, you take half cup of dark brown sugar, a half cup of white sugar, and then you would mix that together and then that would give you your light brown sugar at that point. >> that seems easy. also we have spices, but
4:48 am
sometimes we run out of them. we don't go to the spice rack to figure out what we're missing. give me an idea of some things we can substitute. >> to be able to substitute, you can take -- for instance, if you're looking for cinnamon or nutmeg, if you can find allspice, that encompasses a little bit of nutmeg, a little cinnamon, a little clove as well. so that will take the place of whatever you're missing. >> so the headline here that when we first came in to this interview is that you are the personal chef for duane wade of the miami heat. give us a little inside information. obviously he's a great guy because he gives you the day off on thanksgiving. what's something you would cook for him on a day like this? >> well, one of his favorite dishes is my sweet potato pie. so i made sure that even though i'm not going to be there today to do thanksgiving for him, i
4:49 am
made sure that he had a couple of sweet potato pies at the house waiting on him when he gets back. >> richard, i have to go home and i'm not going anywhere today. so do you want to send one of those sweet potato pies up to my place, please do. thanks to you and your family for joining us today. we appreciate it. >> definitely. give me the address. >> believe me, i will. thanks. happy thanksgiving to everybody there. again, sorry about that delay. it's television. things like this happen. it's also thanksgiving, a day when we feast with our families and loved ones. why does john stossel say today was almost starvation day? but first, this day in history 1972, "i can see clearly" by johnny nash, the number one song. oh, i remember it so well. i was just a little two-year-old back then [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
4:50 am
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4:53 am
welcome back. 7:52 on the east coast. quick headlines. you sold me out. that's what a man on trial for murder shouted before he poured a cup of water over his attorney's head. he pulled the stunt in front of the judge and jurors during closing arguments. power was later found guilty of killing his neighbor. apparently thieves don't want to steal your toyota prius. only one in 606 prii from the years 2008 to 2010 had been stolen as of june. that's according to the national insurance crime bureau. officials say they can't sell the parts specifically made for priuses. dave, over to you. >> is it prii? we'll get to the bottom of that
4:54 am
later. while most of you are probably asking friends and family what they're thankful for today, john stossel is asking a different question. >> public. >> if it was private, they would probably charge you a fee for looking. >> i'd say public. >> public. >> wouldn't you say public? otherwise we wouldn't be here right now, right? >> what you may have missed is john asking, public or private, what's better? stossel says this actually has a lot to do with thanksgiving. he's here to explain how. why were you asking these people public or private? what's better? what does it have to do with thanksgiving? >> it's a little complicated. i was asking, which is better in bryant park, this park not far from here that used to be a cess pool and dangerous and ugly. that was when it was run by the government, like many parks and the government said, we don't have enough money to do it. then a business improvement district took it over, the local business owners said we want to take care of this. and now it's unbelievably nice.
4:55 am
yet, when you go to the park and say, which is better, public or private? everyone says, well, public, of course. public is shared. but shared often means public as in public toilets. nobody takes care of it. and we'll cover a bunch of parks today. it relates to thanksgiving because we think of thanksgiving as feast time. few people know the pilgrims almost starved because when they came to america, they said, we're going to practice communal farming. we'll all share it. so the teen-agers especially said, oh, i can't work today. i'm not feeling well. people didn't work. they didn't grow much. they languished in misery as governor -- >> they had no incentive. >> they had less incentive and not enough and also people would take more for themselves and people didn't want to grow a lot that they could keep for themselves. finally when they assigned each person a parcel of land and said, you can keep what you produce for yourself, prosperity happened! but we still don't it!
4:56 am
>> so this gets us to the fact that you are thankful for above all else, property rights. why? >> private property. 'cause it allows people to make themselves wealthy. we also have a guy on my show tonight who works in south america. south america is poor not because they don't work hard. it's because they don't have deeds to their property often. so why would you build on to your house if you didn't know you could give it to your children, if you didn't know you could even have it next year if the government might say no, i want someone else to live there. without a deed, people don't improve what they have. >> do people understand this, that communal property is not the best way? >> we don't understand it. we took over the indians in america. we made them poor because we put them on reservations and said, you can't own your own mortgage. >> it's so simple, but you do need to explain to people 'cause they don't often think about it. it's a little more complex than that. so 9:00 o'clock eastern time on the "fox business" network, john stossel will explain to you why this is so fundamental to our
4:57 am
country and to this day as well. can't wait fort special. >> thanks. >> thanks for being in. happy thanksgiving. if you're cook today, stick around. our butterball turkey talk line expert here to answer your questions. john goes to the restaurant. he just skips all those questions. i agree with you, john. then what are america's soldiers thankful for today? we just got brand-new video of our troops celebrating thanksgiving in afghanistan. it's coming up, top of the hour it's that time of year. time for campbell's green bean casserole. you'll find the recipe at ♪ campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
4:58 am
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5:00 am
>> good morning, everybody. it is thursday, november 22. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen. happy thanksgiving to all. 16 giant balloons ready to take flight in exactly one hour from now for the 86th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. we all have a front row seat because rick reichmuth is out there getting all the stars. he's just grabbing them, picking them off. >> he may get chris isaacs in a moment. >> we're also taking you to afghanistan where our brave soldiers are celebrating and breaking out a new tradition. what they are thankful for this thanksgiving. that's coming up. >> and forget black friday. it's gray thursday. people already out getting a jump on the deals. "fox & friends," hour three, starts right now.
5:01 am
>> sorry if i sounded muffled there. i had my microphone in my pants. >> nice way to wake you up. terrify you with clowns. >> i think there are a lot of people out there who, like me, when they went to their pediatrician's office as a child, they had pictures of clowns everywhere. >> or stephen king's it, might have frightened you as well. >> oh, yeah. >> happy thanksgiving. thank you so much for choosing us this morning, waking up with us. dave was making fun of me 'cause i was on the phone dealing with tech supports. if you love football as much as i do, you would be heart broken. yesterday my cable box stopped working. >> i would move out if i didn't have cable. >> i was freaking out! so verizon, fios, they're showing up on thanksgiving day at my house to fix it. they have techs working to fix
5:02 am
football lovers like me. >> because there is three games. three games, lions, texans, cowboys, redskins and patriots game. >> not to mention all of the turkey tips and watching "fox & friends." we want to make sure your turkey wows the family. nicole gunnelson, butterball's turkey talk line is here. >> alisyn: the music is ominous. >> it is. >> she has been receiving so many e-mails from our viewers. you can keep them coming in. she's answering all of them for you. liz wrote us, she's one of these e-mailers. she wrote us this morning and says i put my 20-pound turkey in the oven at 5:00 a.m. i was wondering how many days i can safely keep leftovers in the fridge for sandwiches and recipes? >> great question. it's a common question we get at the butterball turkey talk line and tell folks, leftover turkey should be sliced off the bone within two hours after done cooking and ideally put it in the refrigerator within that two
5:03 am
hours, it's going to really insure some safe turkey meat there. some other great ways, though, to use incorporated leftover turkey, we have introduced an app. you counsel load it from my oldest and i like to use this cooking not only turkey, but over 250 recipes on there. so definitely check it out. >> you don't call your kids little butterball, do you? >> i do. >> do you brush them with butter as well? >> it's calling your kids that. make sure you don't call your wife that. big mistakes. >> another e-mail from tennessee. i cook my butterball yesterday. how die warm it? >> another great question. i do want to mention that in addition to reaching us at 1-800 butterball, there are other ways. we have dietitians back home conducting live chats on, facebook, twitter, pinterest, so mangolden
5:04 am
ways you can go about reaching us at butterball. to answer the question, as far as leftovers, two to three days again is ideal. for longer leftovers, go ahead and freeze it in storage two months. ideally use that in leftover stuffing within two months in the freezer. >> okay. thank you very much. >> then the warming thing? >> thank you. so when you do slice the meat off the bone, best to go ahead and sprinkle some gravy to keep the meat slices nice and moist and go ahead and put it in a shallow open roasting pan, 250-degree oven for about ten to 15 minutes or until it's hot. >> brilliant. >> nicole johnson, keep your e-mails and tweets and questions coming to us. thank you. now it doesn't feel like thanksgiving without a parade and here in new york, macy's has been putting on the biggest thanksgiving show in the country for 86 years.
5:05 am
rick reichmuth has been there every year i can remember. he's got a front row seat. i am so jealous, one of my favorite knew significances, rick. >> all right. clayton in the studio said you're one of his favorite musicians. >> i love him. what brilliant person. thank you. [ laughter ] >> we got chris isaacs here. the second i knew you were coming here, i hate to say it, but "wicked games" has been in my head for 30 minutes and i can't get it out. >> i didn't know there was two 6:00 o'clock in the day until this morning. i was in cincinnati last night and flew in last night and i'm so excited. i already met ronald mcdonald's whoopie goldberg. that's a pretty good day right there. right? >> a pretty good split. so you probably grew up like everybody watching this parade? >> i did. i called my mom last night and i told her, mom, i'm going to be on the parade.
5:06 am
she goes, do they know this? i said yeah, of course they know it. they invited me. i think she thought i was going to jump on or something. i said no, they invited me. >> she thought you were going to hold a balloon down or be in one of the clown suits? >> i would be happy to do any job. it's awesome to be here. we just drove in a little cart down the line and i'm just looking like a kid. i'm just going, there is a million things to see. >> you've been in this business for a while. 1984? >> yeah, that sounds about right. i've been in since the dead sea was sick. >> when you showed up, i said what are you working on right now and you said? >> we're always on tour. i mean, i just came from cincinnati. i'm headed to detroit after this. i'm here. i'm in the parade. i made it. >> are you going to get to eat somewhere today? >> i think i'm going to get -- they're giving me a lot of cranberry juice on the float. i'm hoping they have free cranberry juice. i'll be on the float for a couple of miles so my drummer told me it's really good for my
5:07 am
urinary tract. so i got that going for me. >> nice. are you singing something? >> i am. i'm singing "great balls of fire fire." if i can remember the lyrics, i'm singing. >> is there an album out or anything like that? >> it is like 50s stuff. so johnny cash attention elvis, all that kind of music. >> "great balls of fire," urinary tract infection. >> there you go. >> i made a comment while chris was making simultaneously on the parade. >> chris is very funny. such a great singer. >> he's been a special guest on a lot of television shows. really, really good. >> if you're a chris isaac fan, one of my all time favorite sessions "baha." go and download it. you will not be sad you did that >> get some cranberry juice. what else? >> we have to talk about a fox
5:08 am
news alert. this is a cease fire between israel and hamas. it's appearing to be holding this morning. it's halting eight days of intense air strikes. the question on everybody's minds, will it last? leeland vittert live near the israeli-gaza border this morning. so far so good? >> so far, so good. all is quiet on the southern front here. the only sounds we're hearing is the rumble of the tanks and the armored personnel carriers that israel brought down to these fields to possibly launch a ground invasion, heading along north along the highway. buses still with those reserve soldiers that they are now sending home as well. as we have gone through the day here in this cease fire helped in many ways, some say better than anybody expected, we're also seeing some of the 1 million israelis who live in the line of fire for those rockets, now returning home. for the past eight days, we've been at this shopping center. it was deserted. now you can barely find a place to park as israelis begin to try
5:09 am
and put their lives back together with a cease fire and return to some sense of normalcy. >> we want to be at home. we want to start again. they need to go to school and kindergarten. >> i feel we can go out and do whatever we want. of course i feel better. i haven't left the house in the last two weeks. i feel better, but still. any minute the alarm can go on. >> now, in the gaza strip streets which had been empty out of fear for air strikes quickly filled up with thousands of people out in celebration. hamas and islamic jihad both declared victory. there is a lot of work to be done in the gaza strip. israel hit more than 1500 targets there trying to get these rockets to stop. obviously a number of those were ammunitions facilities. but there is a lot of damage to buildings like banks and hamas' headquarters that need to be rebuilt there inside the gaza
5:10 am
strip. going forward what to watch for is how this plays out, especially as it relates to egypt l they decide to really crack down on the weapons smuggling into the gaza strip as the united states has said it's going to pressure egypt to do, and also iran's secret hand in this as they have both islamic jihad and the popular resistance committee in the gaza strip. whether they continue to push them toward more attacks or whether we see a long lasting cease fire. back to you. >> leeland vittert, thank you. >> happy thanksgiving, man. >> let's get to some of the other top stories. u.s. ambassador susan rice speaking out for the first time about the benghazi terrorist attack that left four americans dead. she is defending her comments. >> when discussing the attacks against our facilities in benghazi, i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary and that our investigations would
5:11 am
give us the definitive answers. >> you may recall she went on the sunday talk shows days after the attack on september 11 and said the attack was spontaneous as a result of protests over an anti-muslim film. u.s. senator john mccain is criticized her for that. rice is firing back saying his comments are unfounded and she's looking forward to talking with him. stick a fork in hostess, dingdongs are dead. a bankruptcy judge giving the twinkie maker the green light to shut down and begin selling off its brands. the ruling coming one day after talks between the company and its second largest union, the bakers union, crumbled. as a result, 18,000 workers will be laid off immediately, just in time for thanksgiving. brand-new video this morning out of our troops overseas. they're celebrating thanksgiving. this one in kabul, afghanistan. after feasting on a traditional turkey meal, the soldiers still had enough energy to play a game of rugby. >> this is the first thanksgiving game.
5:12 am
so we're really excited about it. we've got a lot of participation from folks that normally don't play. so yeah. it's a great time. >> the army captain said he's thankful for the good food, but he definitely misses his family. as they all do. those are your headlines. >> thank you so much. coming up next on the show, real estate guru bob massi is dipping into his mail bag for you this thanksgiving. >> then tossed in the garbage and left to die, the dog survived and this morning we're giving thanks. >> oh. >> for all the folks that made it happen and what you can do to help joey, coming up. begin.
5:13 am
tomato, obviously. haha. there's more than that though, there's a kick to it. wahlalalalallala! smooth, but crisp. it's kind of like drinking a food that's a drink, or a drink that's a food, woooooh! [ male announcer ] taste it and describe the indescribable. could've had a v8. has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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5:15 am
>> welcome back. the number of new homes being built in the united states hitting a four-year high in october. hinting at signs of a housing recovery. but many americans are still struggling. our next guest is dipping into the mail back to help answer some of your housing questions. >> ingentlemanings from las vegas, real estate guru, bob massi. nice to see you on this thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving to you.
5:16 am
>> happy thanksgiving. thank you very much. >> here is one of our first e-mails in this from nebraska from george. he says, i had a realtor insist that they could get me way over market value for my home. we learned it was overpriced. think they transferred me to a new realtor. when i asked for market analysis. now they want to quit. still hit me with commission due to survival clauses. what can i do? my dad is a realtor and always tries to say not give inflated numbers to people and get their hopes up? >> your dad knows his business because that's a problem. at this point in time, for them to charge a commission, unless they brought a new person in to buy this home, they're going to have a difficult time under the contract. one of the things i suggest is two things. one, really get a lawyer to look at the contract. and make sure that they have a good position legally to say look, you're not entitled to commission. you didn't do the market analysis, you overstated the price. therefore, there is no reason that you've earned any commission. second thing is reluctantly, if they're not willing to back off,
5:17 am
there are boards, real estate divisions, where you could file a complaint against the realtor for this kind of issue. hopefully the realtor will back you have if it did not bring a prospective buyer to the deal. >> good advice this. barbara from las vegas says we are under water. $70,000. i'm retiring next year. we can't pay off our second mortgage. should i short sell or let it go into foreclosure? >> you know, that is such a big decision to make. what i could tell her is this: there is nothing wrong with a short sale, as long as you can show there is a hardship and in addition, to make sure if a short sale is approved that you get what's called a waiver of deficiency. the difference of what's owed to the lender. the problem we have is we have this mortgage relief act that i've talked about for weeks that expires at the end of the year that could be major tax consequences to homeowners in america, hopefully congress will extend it which will recover if they do. in this case, you need to get somebody to look at it, talk to competent realtors. see if a short sale is something
5:18 am
that's viable. if it is, you got nothing to lose as long as you get that waiver of deficiency. >> good news there. nancy from savannah, georgia. city bank has put us into foreclosure and now we received notice that freddie mac owns the property. what does this mean for us moving forward? we also have a second mortgage. >> freddie mac really doesn't own the property. they probably don't understand. freddie mac, fannie and freddie owns the loans. city is servicing the loan for freddie mac in this situation. so if there is a foreclosure, it won't be freddie mac that's foreclosing. it will be city that is servicing the loan for freddie that will foreclose on the property. if the foreclosure takes place, that second mortgage will go away almost -- when i say go away, unsecured debt, it's like a credit card, most states they have the right to go after you for that second. so you want to get some good advice from a lawyer that will let you know the consequences of a foreclosure in your state,
5:19 am
particularly as it relates to the second mortgage. i apologize for my voice. i have a little allergy going today. but anyway, happy thanksgiving to everybody. >> you did great. happy thanksgiving to you as well. if you have any questions you want to ask bob directly, you can e-mail bob by logging on our web site and clicking on the shattered dreams tab. that will get you an e-mail to bob's in box. coming up on the show, he was tossed in the garbage and left to die, but joey the dog survived. this morning we are giving thanks for all the folks that actually made that happen and what you can do to help joey. he's in our studio. then just in time for thanksgiving, soldier dad home from war to surprise his daughter. the awesome reunion video you got to see coming up. er. >> hi, lieutenant colonel keith fuller serving in afghanistan. just wanted to say a shout out to my family back in massachusetts. my beautiful daughter, who is currently in college in southern california, and certainly last
5:20 am
but not least, my beautiful wife, suzanne. wishing everybody a happy holiday, both thanksgiving and a very merry christmas you
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
>> welcome back. 23 minutes past the hour. more than three months ago, three-month-old joey was severely injured when he was tossed out of a moving car. he's been able to walk and run again against all odds and on this holiday, we give much, much, much thanks to this miracle puppy. imaging choked up. joining us from the vet center is joey's new mom, dr. linda and the star of the hour, joey. >> for folks who don't know the story of joey, please remind them exactly what happened.
5:24 am
>> he was put in a garbage bag, thrown from a moving car and a good samaritan heard his crying when she pulled up to a stop sign, opened the bag and found this little puppy. he came to us in really bad shape. >> what were his injuries? >> he had three fractured vertebrae in his neck and shock and thoracic trauma and he was paralyzed in all four limbs and we didn't think he would walk again. >> seemingly he's doing great. how is he today? >> doing fantastic. >> he doesn't like the city. >> not crazy about the city, no. >> were you able to track down the folks that did this? >> no, i haven't heard any updates from the spca. i know they're still working on it. >> in situations like this, because you're a doctor, in situations like this, do you ever fine these people? >> sometimes. sometimes maximus one, a few years ago, where he set the poor pit bull on fire and unfortunately, he didn't make
5:25 am
it. that was awful. they found him. someone turned him in because of the reward. >> physically, obviously it's amazing that he's recovered. but mentally he seems to gentle. you would think a dog that was treated that way would be very aggressive towards anyone and not want to trust. >> yeah. or at least nervous around people. but he is a really lovable dog. he's got a great personality. he's wonderful with my two-year-old. they play all day. >> i'm sure there are people out there watching going, can we adopt him? you just keeping him temporarily? >> no, i adopted him. it's my guy. i couldn't let him go after everything. >> there are other stories like joey. you set up a nonprofit that is healing haven animal what is that designed to do? >> help injured and sick animals that either their owners can't afford the urgent care they need or they're stray animals that come into a vet clinic that
5:26 am
really need care. and there has to be money somewhere to provide that, just like for joey. thank goodness that media helped him and get care he needed because it was a financially a big deal. >> we see those commercials that i know everybody that i know that sees them freaks out. they see them, they're so heart breaking. what can people do? if you're in a neighborhood and you see people when are putting their dogs or animals in peril, what can do you? call the police? >> yeah. absolutely. call your local spca, the a spca. if you see something, it should be reported. it's our obligation to report anything, any type of animal abuse so the animals get the care they need. >> it's great to have you. joey is a wonderful dog and again, let me remind you that web site, thank you for being here.
5:27 am
we're thankful for joey. >> he's a very sweet dog. you did a nice job. all righty, coming up, don't be fooled. this is no dummy. shoppers, beware. that mannequin could be spying on you. wait 'til you hear this story. >> that's creepy. and we're taking you back live to preparations for the macy's thanksgiving day parade and sharing the cool new way you can get in on the action. don't go anywhere.
5:28 am
5:29 am
5:30 am
>> you're listening to coally
5:31 am
callet who we interviewed. she's in the parade. look at the crowd gathered on 6th avenue. >> all to see you. >> all to see me. i'm very flattered. no, they're not. people are waiting for us to come out of the building. >> i've never seen anything like this. there is mr. twinkie walking around. >> so if you can't get to the parade, you live in another part of the country and you have an obsession with the parade, they have launched annul that let's you actually make your own balloon and then actually control it using an app. a float. >> they've done it for android and shear what you do. you simply launch their app, macy's thanksgiving day parade app. the alpha mathic section and pick the costume you want to wear. let's pick this. you hit next and then it use has camera on the front you put your face in there and it's going to blow it up. >> it's going to blow it up or you are?
5:32 am
>> you pick your face and resize it, however you want to put it in there. this will be on the balloon. you hit next and then you blow into your device to inflate the balloon. watch. >> that is cool. >> you look like you're going to bust open. >> then you can overlay the picture. watch as the float descends on the folks. there it goes. >> right on the curvy coach next to dave on the curvy couch. your head is exactly like woody. you take the photo and it saves it. there is my float. you can save it on facebook and twitter. >> some folks have done that. >> this is from maxwell. next one, we have a picture from one of our four legged friends, angel. >> that's great. >> and ann marie. >> using a "fox & friends" background here, i think. >> with us all in the background there, yes. >> thank you.
5:33 am
>> that's my middle name. >> one from hugh. with us also in the background, that's a good way to get on air. >> here is another one. that's hugh. >> download the free app. it's a lot of fun. >> it's been american thanksgiving tradition for 86 years. macy's thanksgiving day parade. rick reichmuth has been corralling the stars. >> last time he had clayton. now one of my favorite people in the history of sports, the great karim. >> where is he in that shot? i don't see him. >> i mean, obviously every interview somebody's got to make a joke about how short we feel. >> it's all relative, you know that. >> it's true. one of arrackors on the set said you're one of his favorite athletes of all time of any sport. he's a sports guy. so that's how many people feel about you.
5:34 am
you're one of the legends. what's it feel like for you to be here having that honor, being part of this parade? >> for me, it's kind of special because i used to come when i was a kid. my dad used to take me. i'm born and raised here in manhattan. so it's fun to be in the parade finally. >> 75 years of march madness this year. celebrating and they've got a float. that's the float you'll be on, right? >> yes, i am. >> so you are an ambassador of the state department. tell me what that entails. >> basically it entails trying to promote goodwill with other countries, talk being american life. >> tell me about that. when you talk about american life, on a day like thanksgiving. >> we have so much to be thankful for because of our constitution, our democracy. it's made it possible for to us enjoy freedoms that most people in the world do not enjoy. it's great to be an american.
5:35 am
>> hey, dave, is there any question you had for karim? >> thank you, thank you. yes, there is. i'm curious, they stacked up the lakers, his former team. they got nash and howard and they've always had bryant. will this team win a title with their new head coach? >> they stacked the lakers team this year with some amazing players. you have the new coach, steve nash, i'm a phoenix suns fans. he's got the coach and nash there. this year will they be able to bring home a title? >> i have no idea. they haven't started winning. they really have a lot to do in terms of putting a team together and building up a winning culture. that might not happen ever. you got to wait and see. that's why they play the games. >> otherwise you wouldn't need all those games throughout the season. thank you so much. happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> back to you. >> that was really cool. >> yeah. he seems very doubtful that this
5:36 am
lakers team will win a title. i happen to agree. they seem a mess. antony, a very strange hire, i think. >> now to the other headlines of the day, new details emerging about the secret burial of osama bin laden. e-mails between military officials obtained by the associated press detail his funeral from this ship. the e-mails say no sailors on the ship watched the former al-qaeda leader's funeral. they also say that traditional islamic procedures were followed and religious remarks were translated into arabic and read aloud. >> did general david petraeus' staff give top secret information to a woman he had an affair with? that's what federal investigators want to know. they believe she was given classified information by aides and other high ranking military officials at the request of petraeus. broadwell and petraeus deny those claims. shoppers, beware.
5:37 am
someone or something may be secretly spying on you. ♪ . >> we're talking about this mannequin. it uses facial recognition software to identify your age, gender and race. it can also figure out how many people enter a store and how long they've shopped for. it was unveiled at a 2010 trade show, but it is just now being rolled out as retailers around the world. they hope it will help boost sales, but many say it's an invasion of privacy. me included. >> what started out as an ordinary dance class for a little girl in nevada quickly turned into a thanksgiving surprise she is never going to forget. [ cheers and applause ] her dad, sergeant major ronald morse, arrived home from afghanistan three weeks early. he and his wife decided to
5:38 am
coordinate the surprise moments after he appeared on the dance floor, his three other kids joined in. it was his final tour of his 30-year military career. congratulations. that's fantastic. >> it's great. my neighbor is even getting in on the elf balloon action. my neighbors across the street, making beautiful balloon animals for their kids. we'll show them to you later. >> coming up, did you know that thanksgiving has some roots in religion? father jonathan morse here to explain and give his holiday blessing next. >> friends at bass pro cooking up the perfect thanksgiving meal. what makes it so special? stick around. trace adkins live from the parade. plus this. [ timers ringing ] [ male announcer ] it's that time of year.
5:39 am
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5:42 am
next to somebody that tall. >> he's crazy tall. >> so welcome to new york and macy's parade. are you excited to be here? >> oh, yeah, sure. when i get to bring my kids to come to something like this, it's what it's all about, you know. so we're on the domino sugar float today. they're thrilled. i'm thrilled and happy thanksgiving. >> and you're singing a song on the float? >> i'm going to do 90 seconds of "just fishing." ought to be fun. >> that song is about your kids? n it's about, well, my 7-year-old daughter, who was in the video with me. she's on the float with me today. that's kind of what they wanted to do, the whole family thing. so yeah. it's about her. >> so you actually apparently like christmas music 'cause you're working on some christmas music. >> yeah. i haven't done a christmas album. i've been doing this now for 17 years or so. i've never done a christmas album. i just started working on one. got one song finished and they were like, let's go ahead and put that one out. i'm like, i was going to put it
5:43 am
out with the whole album next year. but whatever. so yeah, they put "we three kings" out on itunes. >> people can get that. you should come on "fox & friends" to perform it. >> all right. sure. sign me up. >> okay. i just produced everything for you. all set. thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. thanks tore taking the time to come out and enjoy your time. >> thank you. >> guy, let's send it back to you. >> thanks, rick. >> when you ask about his excitement level, are you excited to be here? i am. did you know that thanksgiving has serious roots in religion with ties going all the way back to abraham lincoln? >> father jonathan morris is here to explain with lincoln in theaters right now, people rave being this movie and the thanksgiving holiday. nice to see you. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving to you guys. certainly it does have very strong roots, not any particular
5:44 am
denomination in any specific faith, but certainly a god-centered faith. you look at abraham lincoln's thanksgiving proclamation of 1863. i put it up on my facebook page. read the whole thing. it's amazing to see what strong faith our country was very comfortable in accepting. >> because it wasn't a national holiday at that point and many people trace it to this proclamation as launching thanksgiving. >> that's right. he talks about the thanksgiving not just being oh, i am grateful, in other words, an emotion, but what is the source of our bountiful blessings as he refers to th as. and he says that's the almighty god. i encourage people to read it, maybe as a family before thanksgiving meals. that's a great tradition. pointing back to what this is all about. >> you want to read an excerpt is there there. >> i do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the united states and also those who are at sea and those who are
5:45 am
sojournal not guilty foreign lands to set apart and observe the last thursday of november next as a day of thanksgiving and praise to our father who dwells in the heavens. there is stronger parts. i encourage you to read the whole thing. >> you want to talk about what personally moves you when it comes to thanksgiving with and what you're thankful for. >> thanksgiving is about being with family and friends and being thankful for those things. a couple weeks ago we had an amazing miracle, as i see it. my dad had been suffering symptoms of heart trouble in the last month and a half or two months. shortness of breath and just energy levels way down much but he did not want to follow doctor's orders. dad, listen to mom. to go and get the catheterization, which is the look into the arteries. i received an e-mail from a girl that i had not spoken in with in 20 years. she had been spoken up in the middle of the night with dreams, three times in the last month and a half, feeling strongly
5:46 am
that she needed to pray for my dad. she said i never met your dad, i don't know how he is, he might be totally fine, but i can't get your dad off of my heart and out of my prayers. she said, this is kind of crazy. let me show a picture that we have. this is my dad going into surgery. this is two weeks ago. that's my mom, my sister, one of my six siblings, and myself going in. the doctor found his widow maker, 90% blocked. the doctor came out halfway through the operation and said, we're putting a stint in. this was a life saving procedure. he's got new energy, new life. >> has he met this friend? >> he has not. i wrote back to her. i didn't hear back for a few days and then she said, now my faith is stronger because i thought maybe i was a little crazy. right? but she had the courage to actually reach out to somebody, she found my e-mail off the internet or something, she found me, she wrote and because of
5:47 am
that, this thanksgiving is very special to us. i want to say one last thing. i received a beautiful thing on facebook the other day saying you know what? we talk about thanksgiving being all about family. there is some people who don't have family and that doesn't mean that we can't celebrate thanksgiving. she said, what i'm going to do is go work in an old person's home. and i'm going to thank god for all my blessings even though i don't have family in my life because thanksgiving is not just about all the wonderful things that we would like to have, family and friends, but also thanking god for the blessings that sometimes are hard to see when we're going through hard times. >> we're always thankful for our troops that aren't able to be with their families, those overseas. i know that's difficult for them. >> thankful to be with you guys. >> we're always grateful to have you here. happy thanksgiving. it gave us chills. >> yeah. >> happy thanksgiving to you and your family. >> i'm cooking for them. >> oh, good. >> oh, boy. are you a good cook? >> i've never cooked for anyone
5:48 am
but myself. >> that's faith. >> go to our butterball turkey hot line. they'll give you tips. >> we have a lot of turkey here. >> thank you. >> coming up next, our friends at bass pro, they're cooking up the perfect thanksgiving meal. i see marshmallows and sweet potatoes. >> they're making father john's meal for him to take home. let's check in with gregg jarrett for what's coming up at the top of the hour. plenty of food down here. help yourself. >> i'm going to take you up on that. happy thanksgiving, everybody. so the cease fire between hamas and israel, how long is that going to hold and what about the efforts of hillary clinton? how well did that truly work? also unions are really poised here to make some dramatic changes for travel and shopping plans. we'll take a closer look at that. and also some new rules on obamacare could cost you money
5:49 am
as well as coverage. we'll take a look at that with dr. manny. happy thanksgiving, everybody. see you at the top of the hour hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. gotcha. covered. whooooh. [ male announcer ] black friday will never be the same. with our 1-hour in-stock guarantee, get here between 10 and 11 and you're guaranteed to get these electronic gifts in time for christmas. the first and only place to go on black friday. walmart.
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5:52 am
>> thanksgiving is all about family, food and fun. last minute cooking tips with
5:53 am
our friends from the bass pro shops. >> we are back with luke snyder. good to have you here. >> thank you for having us. >> we're doing some turkey over there. we're starting with the turkey. >> we're going to fry it up. me and luke are going to do that. i'm going to scooter with the good stuff, the injection. >> you get as much as you can. there is not anything about getting too much injection in this. >> is this butter? >> this is a select marinade. today we're using tony cacacere. you can get them at the store. if you run out, come back 'cause we got plenty. >> you move it around? >> get plenty. there is no such -- >> in the side? i'm going to do the other side 'cause i like plenty. i'm not good at this. >> good thing you're not a surgeon. >> it creeps me out, the syringe, i'll be honest with you. we'll stick it in the other side, move it around a little
5:54 am
bit. >> today we're going to use the butterball electric turkey fryer. this is for indoor use. >> i'm going to take your word for it. steve is going to give us an assist. you're going to lift this bird up, put it in the basket. >> the main thing is lower it into this oil. we're going to lower it very nice and easy. >> for those who haven't had a fried turkey, what exactly is the key here? what's the appeal? >> what this is going to do is with the marinade that we just put in it, it's going to immediately seal the flavor inside the bird. this flavor is going to unmatch just about any other turkey on the market. it's way much quicker than a conventional oven. >> i notice you're wearing gloves. is that a good idea?
5:55 am
>> i think it's a precaution. as long as you are safe, it should be fine. any time you're dealing with oil, you want to lower it nice and easy so it doesn't splash up. >> the fry is 119.95. rare combination, professional bull rider and cook. you guys have the side dishes? >> yes. instead of doing regular old-fashioned mashed potatoes, we did sweet potatoes. they're twice baked. they're super easy. you buy sweet potatoes, put them in the oven, bake 'til they're soft, you can use cream cheese, a little maple syrup and brown sugar. put them in either a big baking dish or these individual ramekin, put them back in the oven, bake 'til they're brown and you can put marshmallows on them. put them back in the oven and they would brown and melt and they are delicious. they are very healthy for you. especially if you use the low fat cream cheese. >> i guess if you have one of those heat things, you can go like that. >> exactly. >> after that we've got stuffing. you can use whatever stuffing
5:56 am
recipe that you want, whatever you love. to add a twist, we've got this turkey jerky. which you can get at bass pro. it adds saltiness and texture. it's really good. >> turkey is often a little tough. >> it is. >> when they're bits, it's great. >> kind of like bacon. after that, we've got this fresh cranberry. instead of using the can, you don't want to do that. you can get two bags of fresh cranberry, orange juice and sugar. boil that. three or four minutes, the cranberries will start to pop. then you take it off the boiler, you let them cool and that's that's it. that's all you have to do. >> sounds delicious. >> more from the folks at bass pro shop when we come back on this thanksgiving edition with wholesome noodles and bite sized chicken, nothing brings you together
5:57 am
like chicken noodle soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. the latest coffee machine from nespresso. modular. intuitive. combines espresso and fresh milk. the new u. nespresso. what else? available at these fine retailers. time for cii price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to.
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5:59 am
>> welcome back to "fox & friends" on this thanksgiving. thank you for spending your morning with us. hewe want to say thanks to ainsley, host of "fox & friends" first with her new husband. here is my crew. happy thanksgiving to my beautiful wife, brandy and logan, emmerson and will. >> cute. >> that's at my son's school. >> and lory, her husband, brett and their dog. adorable. >> producer sean, with his family. >> they're a beautiful family.

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